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Artistic Charity fund raiser Exhibition

Presenting the exhibition ticket, we’ll apply a discounted daily rate of only Euro 15 and we’ll donate Euro 5 to the Centre Don Orione of Chirignago (VE).

"Merry Christmas"
Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli at Zattere
From 12th to 20th December, free entry.

Organized by Consorzio Concave - Consorzio Compagnia Alberghi Venezia: more than 40 pieces,  some unique collection pieces, others original and beautiful ideas for gifts. All of them are very selected artistic and hand made objects, very rappresentative of the most typical Venice style.
The charity, thanks to the partners and to the guests, will be devolved to the Centre Don Orione of Chirignago (VE).

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