How to get discount for parking from affiliated hotels:
20% from 1° november to 31st March
10% from 1° April to 31st October

Simply select your hotel in the booking form.

The hotel will give you a coupon/hotel's stamp.
Please hand it at cash desk of Garage S.Marco before leaving the car park.




24h Daily flat rate, € 30,00*. (height max 2.10 mt)



Prepaid online 24h € 28,00*.



Nightly rate from 5:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., € 15,00. (No Redentore and 31 Dec)





24h rate, € 15,00*.





24h rate, € 10,00.
For stays over 10 days contact us directly  here.


*RATES from 04 april 2017- AUTO € 32, PREPAID ONLINE € 30, MOTORBIKE € 18

We accept all major credit cards

Are you staying in a hotel in Venice?

Garage San Marco has discount agreement on the parking rates, with a number of hotels in Venice.
For info click here or send us request for informations.