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GSM and Teatro Carlo Goldoni di Venezia

We support the art of Theatre in Venice offering discounts on our parking rates for the public of Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni.

Presenting their entrance or season ticket to our cash desk, you'll pay the following discounted prices:
- stay from 2pm to 4am: 12 Euro
- first day: 21 Euro
- for the following days: 20% off

If you want reserve your car space on our website, select the full price with payment at the check-out; then remember to present the spectacle ticket to our cashier and he will apply the discounted rate.

The Goldoni Theater is the oldest and still existing theater in Venice, it was built by the Vendramin family in 1622. The season 1752-1753 was the turning point thanks to the employment of Carlo Goldoni. The trust in Goldoni’s ability to produce successful and appealing comedies was absolute. This is why his incomes had almost doubled but the most relevant fact was that he was free to get his works printed wherever and by whichever editor he liked. Thanks to this cultural and social attitude of the whole Venetian city and of its notables, Carlo Goldoni could start that Theater reform which let him create everlasting works and characters that have always been performed on all the stages and in every language all over the world.
Today the management of the Theater is entrusted to the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, an association of which also the Giuseppe Verdi Theater of Padua is a part.

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