Neuigkeiten und Events

Sabato 23 Giugno sconto del 20% sulla tariffa giornaliera e tariffa serale a soli 12€ (ore 17:00-4:00) presentando il biglietto di ingresso di una delle istituzioni aderenti ad Art Night.

As our clients you can get the reduced entrance ticket presenting our check-in receipt. Furthermore, you'll get the evening parking rate will be discounted to 12 Euro instead of 15 Euro.

10% off on our daily parking rate with the entrance ticket or pass of the Architecture Biennal.


The entrance ticket for Set Up grants benefits to park on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 February:
- 12 € (instead of 15 €) for parking from 5 pm to 4 am

We keep supporting culture with a special offer for the visitors of the Jewish Museum: 10% off on our daily parking rate.

We're glad to offer a special evening rate to the clients of Sivoli Restaurant.