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GSM and Fondazione Querini Stampalia

We are glad to announce the agreement with Fondazione Querini Stampalia, a unique place of cultural production in Venice.


With the card Friend of Querini Stampalia you'll have the parking rates:
- evening rate: 12 Euro from 5pm to 4am
- daily rate: 22 Euro for the first day, 20% off for the other days.


Fondazione Querini Stampalia was established in 1869 by Count Giovanni Querini, the last descendant of the Querini Stampalia family. The Foundation is the only institution of the city that contains the entire heritage of this ancient and noble Venetian family. It supports cultural productions through the study of its own historical and artistic heritage and it is open to contemporary events and works of art.

The following facilities are available: the general Library, open until late night and on holidays according to the will of the Founder; the Museum, characterized by the typical atmosphere of the 18th-century residence of aristocrats; an area dedicated to temporal exhibitions.


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